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The (Not-So) Hidden Benefits of Apprenticeships

By Rita Stewart on November 14, 2017

What is an apprenticeship?

When most think of an advanced post-high school education, they think of attendance at an academic college or vocational school. What many don’t realize is there is another form of education that has been relied on for thousands of years. Apprenticeships have been providing relationships between the master and his student since the beginning of time.

Now a formalized process, often registered with the U.S. Department of Labor for the sake of credentials and legitimacy, an apprenticeship is composed of two distinct educational components:

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PRECO’s Top 5 Customer Service Questions & Answers

By Rita Stewart on July 6, 2016

Safety technology is a heavy hitter in the heavy equipment industry today. The ability to see into blind spots using radar technology—regardless of environmental conditions including dirt, mud, rain, snow or ice—is a tried and true industry breakthrough. PRECO Electronics takes safety one step further by combining our monitor systems with radar sensor alarm warnings. These beep-beep-beeps have helped save countless lives in the occupations and work zones serviced by heavy-duty fleets.

These heavy vehicles often contain hefty blind zones that present immense safety concerns. Integrating PRECO’s collision mitigation technology allows operators to do their job with greater confidence and peace of mind by providing active alerts, detecting what the operators cannot see. Safety truly takes a front seat next to trained operators to avoid preventable collisions, mitigate risk and save money.

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PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our patented object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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