March is Utility Safety Month

By Tamara Humpherys on February 28, 2016

The men and women who work in the utility industry encounter safety issues many of us don’t even realize exist. For this reason, Preco Electronics has declared March Utility Safety Month to raise awareness and help prevent fatalities and injuries associated within the utility industry.

During Utility Safety Month we will be discussing best safety practices, focusing on utility specific safety concerns, examining safety technology solutions, and more.

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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Accidents and Litigation

By Dale Hessing on December 29, 2015

One thing is certain, one day your organization will be faced with litigation as a result of an accident that involves your fleet. The severity of the accident, where it occurred and the circumstances surrounding the collision will be analyzed to prove any negligence committed by you, the carrier and/or the operator.

John Cruickshank, an attorney with Alaniz and Schraeder, recently participated on a panel with Preco Electronics and shared his belief that “a lawsuit avoided is better than a lawsuit won.” It is with this belief that we put forth below our Top 5 Tips for avoiding accidents and litigation.

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Preco’s Top 5 Technician Questions

By Tamara Humpherys on September 30, 2015


Preco’s PreView Radar is the most rugged collision mitigation solution on the market. This is a bold statement from Preco Electronics-- one that has been earned through more than 75 years of servicing the heavy-duty equipment market. 

Preco's suite of object detection solutions, manufactured and tested in house, are developed to operate in the toughest conditions, including mud, rain, fog and sludge. Because Preco identifies both stationary and moving objects in a radius between10-32 feet, Preco has become the go-to choice for the mining, waste, over the road, fleet, and construction markets.

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Best Practices for Avoiding Worksite Accidents

By Dale Hessing on September 9, 2015

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

A good friend of mine shared this famous John Wooden quote on the first day of school for his two teen-age girls. How does this apply to PRECO and more specifically to the safety industry? Character is what is represented in every product that is developed and shipped out of PRECO’s door to help companies save lives and improve the worksite. At PRECO Electronics, a company that boasts an average employee tenure of almost 18 years, the effect of employee character is exemplified by PRECO’s willingness to challenge the status quo and push the industry to reevaluate technology and apply best practices that in turn saves lives.

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Topics: Collision Mitigation, Worksite Safety, Best Practices

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PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our patented object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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