Keeping Safety High and Related Costs Low

By Greg Spiropulos on August 2, 2016

It comes down to simple math. Invest in workplace safety before an accident happens, and you get to take your savings to the bank.

Liberty Mutual estimates that every dollar invested in injury prevention reduces costs for employers by $2 or more. That’s a lot of savings considering the fact that a workplace injury costs employers a whopping $30,000 on average, according to The National Safety Council.

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Topics: Proactive Safety, Your Bottom Line, Active Safety

Proactive Safety and Your Bottom Line

By Doug Whitfield on August 25, 2015

So you think that you can get away with not investing in safety technology? Think again.

Not investing in the most effective safety technology for your fleet is opening you up to a world of potential issues - from the obvious ones like increasing the potential of accidents, to the more damaging one like litigation due to the damages incurred in an accident that could have likely been avoided.

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Topics: Proactive Safety, Your Bottom Line

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PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our patented object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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