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PRECO Electronics is excited to announce Kim Hodges, Fleet Manager at Montana-Dakota Utilities, is the recipient of our 2015 Excellence in Safety Award.  Mr. Hodges, a 20-year veteran of the Montana-Dakota Utilities, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the utility's fleet that spans eight Northern and Pacific Northwest states.  

PRECO’s Excellence in Safety is an annual award that recognizes an individual who demonstrates the highest initiative, imagination and involvement within the safety industry. 

Montana-Dakota Utilities is responsible for the installation and maintenance of electric and natural gas utility lines in cities, suburbs, and in the countryside.  While Montana-Dakota Utilities’ fleet, along with its sister utility companies, consists of more than 2,500 vehicles, its active safety initiative focuses on the larger trucks in the fleet from ½ ton to class 6 and 7 medium and heavy-duty trucks.  Montana-Dakota Utilities has been systematically upgrading its fleet of heavy-duty utility vehicles so that the operators experience an active safety solution that combines visual and audible alerts.  The combination of safety solutions eliminates blind spots and has resulted in fewer side and rear-end collisions, as well as improved safety and lower installation costs.

We are proud to present our 2015 annual Safety in Motion award to Mr. Hodges who has continually addressed the needs of his operators and has been proactive in his vision to expand their safety program. Mr. Hodges’ team of operators works in all types of environments.  It was critical that operators have access to both visual and audible alerts from the rear and side of their vehicles.  Mr. Hodges completed an extensive review and had the vision to understand the needs of his operators and the value a combination of solutions would have on the operation of the vehicle.

“I am thankful for this recognition, as safety is paramount to the Montana-Dakota Utilities,” said Hodges.  “We’ve been using Preco for more than four years and its ruggedized solution has significantly improved our operator efficiency and reduced collisions. And because of their ongoing commitment to safety, I am confident that Preco will stay on top of the changes within the safety industry.”

About the Excellence in Safety Award

PRECO’s commitment to the heavy-duty vehicle safety industry has continued to move safety forward. As a safety leader, PRECO identifies and honors other safety professionals who also keep safety moving forward in their companies, communities, and industry. PRECO Electronics created the Excellence in Safety Award to honor one person each year that is the voice of safety in their industry.

The award criteria includes the following characteristics:

Initiative:  The ideal candidate will initiate candid discussions, programs (corporate, community, or industry), and/or give voice to safety issues in the industry or community.

Imagination:  The ideal candidate will demonstrate creative and original suggestions to move safety into the forefront of the community, legislature, company or industry they serve.

Involvement:  The ideal candidate will take an active role in industry associations, community safety programs, and/or corporate/legislative policy changes to advance safety.

Nominations for the 2016 Excellence in Safety award will be accepted beginning in November 2016. An official call for nominations will be sent out via email to key contacts in the heavy-duty vehicle industry. To ensure your email is included in this notification, please email Tamara Humpherys at with your contact information.

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PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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