Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Increasing Safety and ROI for Heavy-Duty Fleets

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PRECO is excited to introduce the first of three blogs that will dive into the changing role of advanced driver assistance (ADAS), the introduction of telematics and the growing use of autonomy within the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. 

We will be examining each of these evolving technologies and markets from a safety perspective.

Preco Collision MitigationA recent study by the Boston Consulting Group entitled “A Roadmap to Safer Driving - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,” examines the impact motor vehicle accidents have on loss of life, non-fatal injury and annual cost to society.  In the U.S. alone more than 3,000 Americans are killed annually in motor vehicle accidents and 3.9 million suffer non-fatal injuries at an annual cost to society exceeding $910 billion.  Shockingly -- $910 billion represents close to six percent of the U.S. GDP.

How does this relate to heavy-duty commercial vehicles?  Within this report, BGC states that the commercial vehicle sector is ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of regulations requiring ADAS features in North America and Europe.  BCG qualifies ADAS within the report as running the spectrum of technologies that Aids, Warns and Assists the operator.  Specific examples of ADAS include:

  • AID: a camera and monitor system to cover rear or side blind spots.  
  • WARN: use of object detection systems, such as radar, to detect objects and warn the driver.  
  • ASSIST: active braking technology to avoid forward-facing collisions.

Well-established within the heavy-duty market, PRECO Electronics has seen the adoption and deployment of ADAS grow both domestically and abroad.  In supplying radar-based object detection solutions, our customers have seen a reduction of more than 75% in collisions when our active radar technology is deployed. 

PRECO’s active radar technology is poised to play an integral role in the evolving ADAS market. Whether included as a part of the original equipment installed at the OE level, or retrofitted as part of aftermarket installation, the adoption of the best safety technologies are proven to benefit companies- creating a safer and more productive workplace for their operator, and improving company ROI by helping the operator be more productive, safe, and efficient. A great example of a company implementing a suite of safety technology products in order to increase safety and potential ROI, is UPS’s recent adoption of the Wingman forward collision avoidance and Blindspotter side object detection systems, through safety innovator Bendix.

PreView Radar Safety IntegrationPRECO Electronics has been developing and manufacturing technology that can integrate with and improve ADAS solutions for the heavy-duty on and off road markets in order to stay at the tip of the spear for the evolution of safety technology. Our suite of solutions has the technology and functionality to cover each aspect of ADAS: Aid, Warn and Assist. This type of innovation is founded on open technology solutions, flexibility and an understanding of the heavy-duty market’s needs. We continue to work with a growing set of OEMs and integration partners who are integrating both warning and assist-types of ADAS into their new on and off road vehicles. 

Today, PRECO is playing an integral role in the advancement of safety technology solutions and is well positioned as the market evolves into semi-autonomy and eventually full autonomy.

It might be argued that, within the heavy-duty market, ADAS is simply the tipping point to even greater technology that introduces analytics and eventually full autonomy for the heavy-duty market.  This innovation is going to change the operator experience and create even safer work environments.

Check back next week when we discuss what the market holds and how customers are capturing data held within their ADAS systems to migrate toward data logging and telematics.

Contact us to learn more about PRECO’s blind spot technology solutions and how they can help aid, warn, and assist your fleet operators. 

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