Best Practices for Avoiding Worksite Accidents

Posted by Dale Hessing
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"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."

A good friend of mine shared this famous John Wooden quote on the first day of school for his two teen-age girls. How does this apply to PRECO and more specifically to the safety industry? Character is what is represented in every product that is developed and shipped out of PRECO’s door to help companies save lives and improve the worksite. At PRECO Electronics, a company that boasts an average employee tenure of almost 18 years, the effect of employee character is exemplified by PRECO’s willingness to challenge the status quo and push the industry to reevaluate technology and apply best practices that in turn saves lives.

Best practices for avoiding worksite accidentsWorksite accidents happen. And when you deal within the heavy-duty industries that PRECO supports, you begin to realize that when accidents occur, their impact is going to sometimes result in catastrophic damage to people, equipment and/or reputation. 

In recent posts and editorials, you have begun to see PRECO discuss collision mitigation. This term better represents the reality of the heavy-duty industry. Accidents are unavoidable when you combine equipment that is so big that it sometimes creates 360-degree blind zones for the operators. However, with the introduction of object detection systems on your equipment, you can reduce risk. Understanding that every worksite is unique and presents specific challenges, it is the worksite managers that must demonstrate character and be willing to investigate and deploy new technology and best practices to protect both the operator and the surrounding worksite.

Working with our customers, we have captured the three best practices for eliminating worksite fatalities:

  • Technology Investment:  The heavy-duty industry has limped along for the past 75+ years leveraging Doppler technology to help eliminate collisions.  The equipment has become too big for this archaic technology, as it is no longer able to provide the range necessary to actively engage the operator to change course and avoid a collision. PRECO’s patented radar solution expands the breadth of distance that is covered and is able to actively alert the driver to both stationary and moving objects.
  • Safety as a Culture:  Understanding that there are a myriad of layers and moving parts on a worksite, it is important that everyone is educated and following the prescribed safety procedures.  Best practices involve multiple touch points of communication between the operator and the surrounding worksite.  To create a safety culture, there must be a commitment to evolved education and training. 
  • Identify Risks:  Every worksite is unique.  It is important to have a strong understanding of the equipment that is in use, interaction on the worksite and where risk is elevated.  By eliminating the risk before it occurs, you are greatly increasing your chances of eliminating collisions. 

Character is demonstrated by all of us throughout our daily lives. PRECO’s character is what makes our reputation in the industry unparalleled. PRECO is committed to supporting innovation, changing the status quo and making a difference in how companies look at safety. 

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