CES 2017: Driving Innovation Beyond Consumer Electronics

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Celebrating its 50th anniversary, CES 2017 was a record-breaking event. With over 3,800 exhibiting companies and 175,000 worldwide attendees, this is the trade event to attend for anyone who wants to know where the future of technology is going.

Once again, one of the major themes of CES was the development of autonomous vehicles and the implementation of various sensor technologies required to ensure these vehicles are as safe and reliable as possible. With 2025 being anticipated date of fully-autonomous vehicles, it is evident that the idea of vehicle automation is now a reality. We met with various companies who are at the forefront of this development in the automotive sector, and are excited to start collaborating with them to start innovating in the heavy duty truck and equipment sector.

Some of the highlights included:

Faraday Future CESFaraday Future: We got a first-hand look at the self-driving Faraday FF91 connected electric vehicle, featuring zero gravity seating, keyless facial recognition entry and autonomous valet parking functionality.

AutonomouStuff: AS demonstrated their innovative autonomous-ready driving platform on the Polaris Gem. The platform is an engineered combination of solutions and sensors offered by a number of leading edge companies in order to deliver Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) from a single source.

LeddarTech: Out of Quebec, Canada LeddarTech showcased their solid state LIDAR, which is positioned to potentially provide a more rugged and durable alternative to the already-implemented ‘spinning’ LIDAR.

Daimler: We had the opportunity to sit in on the Daimler discussion chaired by Guy Kawasaki speaking about innovative connectivity solutions for networking vehicles, utilizing advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Through AI, autonomous vehicles will cognitively be able to learn as they go and further enhance their safety features. 

CES 2017While CES is still focused on the consumer electronics market, it is offering a more broad appeal to innovative technology companies in industries outside of consumer products. Many of the companies showcasing their innovations last week have the engineering capabilities to positively influence other industries, from healthcare and medical technology, to public safety, to a wide range of other commercial applications.

Consumer Trends Autonomy CESPRECO’s continued involvement in CES represents a drive to innovate safety technology in the heavy duty truck and equipment industries. It is clear that the automotive industry is leading the way in the implementation of safety technology and how this technology integrates with the future of vehicle autonomy. In cooperation with some of the most exciting companies in this space, PRECO will continue to lead heavy-duty vehicle technology innovation into the future.

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