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The occurrence of accidents happening with equipment whose radar based object detection systems have been disabled are on the rise. Though many workers and operators feel they can rely on passive equipment like camera/monitor combos and mirrors to guide them on a worksite active systems, like PRECO’s PreView® Radar technology, is the only viable way for an operator to be truly aware of their surroundings.

The following tips will help to ensure that radar systems stay in-tact and functional, doing what they’re meant to do: preventing accidents and costly mistakes while saving lives.

MINING safety check

Regular Internal Safety Audits

Don’t wait until OSHA is onsite to conduct an audit that can lead to a hefty fine. Make auditing radar systems a part of daily safety checks. The operator of the vehicle should be doing a “walk-around” inspection of the equipment in the morning before starting it up—add checking the radar to the check-off list. Additionally, have a crew leader or foreman sign off on the inspections, conducting random audits and equipment checks to ensure accuracy of reporting.

At the end of the day when the equipment is turned over to another operator or the maintenance team, add checking the radar to their checklists as well. If a radar system is disabled or not working, have them handle it like any other vehicle with a malfunction— tag it out until it’s fixed.

By integrating simple and effective regular check-ups, operators will be discouraged from disabling systems, crew leaders and foremen will be more aware of the state of vehicles and equipment, and work sites will become safer and more efficient.

Call the Manufacturer

call manufacturerThe purpose of PreView® Radar systems is to draw the operator’s attention to hazards in the equipment’s blind areas—but in-cab alerts can be annoying, particularly when a machine is operating in more confined spaces than is customary to its normal work space. Manufactures are able to adjust settings to be more appropriate and conducive to a specific piece of equipment or worksite.

Call the manufacturer or dealer of the radar system and ask what can be done. Whether it’s finding a more appealing volume level, or increasing/decreasing the radar detection range, there is sure to be a solution to help appease operators while keeping systems intact.

Contact Your Safety Specialist for Technical Assistance

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Every Day Safety

If it’s discovered that radar systems are being disabled, two things should be done immediately:

  1. Lock out/tag out the equipment until it’s repaired. Set the standard on a worksite that any faulty system that puts the operator, equipment, or worksite at risk (radar included), is not to be used until it is up and running properly again, and;
  2. Conduct a safety meeting. Perhaps operators aren’t clear on the importance of the radar—have they been trained on it? Use the safety meeting as an opportunity to discover why systems are being disabled, and work together to find a solution to stop it from happening.

safety meetingIntegrate conversations and best practices of radar systems into monthly safety meetings and equipment operator training.  By making radar communication a frequent occurrence, it will organically become a part of the safety culture while making workers and operators aware that the company is paying attention to the details of their equipment, and that there is no tolerance for the disabling of it.

Through the creation of checks and balances, frequent inspections, stopping the use of broken equipment until it’s fixed, and integrating radar maintenance into safety culture, the disabling of radar systems is sure to decline. With the proper combination of encouragement and expectation, operators will use radar equipment to their advantage, and accident prevention will be the result.





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