Collision Avoidance Solutions for Straight Trucks

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Trucking companies and truck drivers must cope with a variety of working conditions, including variable weather and traffic conditions, boredom, and in-cab distractions. Add the problem of sharing the road with erratic drivers and you have a recipe for a potential tragedy.

The transportation industry logged 279.1 billion miles in 2014 according to American Trucking Associations’, with over 400,000 truck accidents each year. More than 70% of these accidents are the fault of the NON-commercial driver, with only 16% due to the truck driver's fault. These statistics just address incidents with other moving vehicles.

Despite improvements in safety training, the number of accidents and fatalities between motorcyclists, pedestrians or cyclists and commercial trucks & buses has remained high over the past 30 years – even increasing in some cities. In the USA alone there were 587 such deaths in 1989, 519 in 1999, and 531 in 2014, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The mixture of large vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in crowded urban and suburban areas always calls for extreme caution by all parties, the use of handheld devices has made a difficult situation much worse.  According to Injury Facts, for example, distracted walking incidents involving cell phones accounted for more than 11,100 injuries between 2000 and 2011. And the number of pedestrians injured while on their cells has more than doubled since 2005.

Being in and around moving vehicles, regardless of their size, has inherent dangers. Today’s highways and city streets are more congested than ever, with a heavy mix of traffic interacting with bicycles and pedestrians.  So how do we help drivers with these inherent dangers?

Straight Truck Blind Zones

There are solutions! Some solutions you may be familiar with already, like the backing sensors or side indicators on cars that actively beep or buzz to inform you if you’re going to hit something.  But did you know there are similar heavy-duty solutions for medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses?  

Cutting-edge collision mitigation technologies play a vital role in reducing the number and severity of road accidents. Installing heavy-duty collision avoidance solutions on straight trucks will help reduce accidents and fatalities, keeping your team, fleet, and the public safe. Here’s a look at where object detection sensors can be installed on a straight truck. Keep in mind, there are other options as it applies to the environment and needs.

  Rear object detection trucking  




SDR Straight Truck_sk.jpg 

  Rear Object Detection Radar   Side Object Detection Radar

Find out what safety solution is right for you. Contact a safety specialist for your customized safety solution. 

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