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When creating or designing a product, engineers spend an awful lot of time sitting at their desk working on a computer.  The focus of this work is using computer aided design (CAD), to speed up the planning process and to minimize errors. CAD technology allows us to bring a product to market faster.

Engineers at PRECO Electronics use both electrical and radio Frequency (RF) design tools.  An electrical circuit design may begin with the engineer simulating all or portions of an idea using a tool like PSpice®.  This tool will show the engineer that the idea can actually function properly. 

A schematic capture/circuit board layout tool like Altium® is then used next to create an electronic representation of the circuit.  This tool will provide data to a circuit board manufacturing company which will fabricate the physical circuit board.  Most companies that create electrical products utilize these types of design tools.

Altium Circuit Layout Tool.png

Altium circuit layout tool

More sophisticated software tools are needed to assist in the design of radar sensors.  When engineers create the radar antenna circuit, tools like Microwave Office® and Ansys HFSS® (High-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulation) are needed.  These tools allow the engineer to simulate the antenna apportion of the radar sensor prior to creating a circuit board.

HFSS Antenna Pattern Simulation.png HFSS Antenna Simulation.png
HFSS Antenna Pattern Simulation HFSS Antenna Simulation

RF design software is very expensive in addition to being computationally intensive.  So in addition to the cost of the software, a high powered computer is needed to simulate these designs.

PRECO is committed to creating the best object detection radar sensors for heavy-duty industries and these engineering tools allow the PRECO engineering team to do just that.


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