The Future of Safety Technologies & Collision Mitigation

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Tom Loutzenheiser joined Preco in April 2015 and serves as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  In this role, Tom focuses on expanding partnerships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other strategic partners to enhance Preco Electronics’ growth and market leadership.

We recently sat down with Tom to discuss the future of safety technologies and how Preco is working with OEMs to provide companies with the proactive solutions they need to keep their fleets safe. 

Tom Loutzenheiser Preco ElectronicsQ:  Tom, what was the driving factor for joining Preco?

A:   I had served on Preco’s advisory board for nearly five years, and had always been impressed with the commitment each team member had to improving safety for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The market acceptance has been great, leading to solid growth over the past years. It’s a fantastic place to be now given today’s focus on Advanced Driver Assistance systems - leading towards semi-autonomy and full autonomy.

Q:  As the head of Business Development and overall marketing, what types of companies are you working with?

A:    Preco is working with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and partners in heavy-duty vehicle markets - including on-road trucking, utilities, waste/recycling, and package & delivery, as well as off-road construction and mining. Many of these OEMs have done business with Preco for years. What’s new is introducing them to Preco’s suite of radar-based safety solutions that can integrate into their vehicles for advanced driver assistance and overall fleet safety. We are also expanding our partnerships to provide more holistic safety solutions to our customers - for example working with Telogis to tie our collision mitigation data into fleet telematics to improve safety.

Q:   What are Preco’s distinct advantages for OEM’s and partners?

Preco EngineeringA:   First and foremost, it’s our flexibility and adaptability to integrate our market-leading products into an OEM’s vehicle or machine. Not only do we have the best radar products, but through the use of intelligent technology and industry-standard communications, we can integrate with agility.  Secondly, our industrial hardening has proven time and again that Preco products are built to last the entire life of a commercial vehicle - often more than 20,000 hours in the harshest environments. And what really ensures customer success, is our team’s absolute commitment to design, build and deliver the industry’s best product.

Q:  What are the opportunities that 2016 provides?

A:   I’m very excited that not only are many large fleets like UPS and construction firms like Unimin embracing radar-based collision mitigation, but that many OEM manufacturers are now making these solutions either standard or optional on their vehicles. What we are seeing in the automotive sector in advertising ADAS and collision mitigation solutions is educating the world market. I’m excited that Preco is well positioned to play a significant role in this worldwide market.

Q:  How is Preco positioned to support the change that is coming with the market’s adoption of ADAS and Telematics? 

A:   Preco has been doing Advanced Driver Assistance for the aftermarket for many years. We are well positioned with market-leading products and standard-based integration to the ADAS systems of tomorrow.  We will leverage our years of experience working with OEMs, partners and integrators to deliver object detection solutions - a key element of ADAS. We are also excited about the role of telematics to aggregate fleet safety analytics to give customers valuable information and insight to improve fleet safety. 

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