Heavy-Duty Equipment Requires Robust Safety Solutions

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Every day heavy-duty equipment goes through more extremes than the average automobile does in a lifetime. That’s why anything that goes onto a piece of heavy-duty equipment needs to be more rugged than the equipment fitted on automobiles. Engine bearings must be able to withstand fatigue resistance and have significant high torque load-carrying capacity. Tires are engineered for heavy loads, to maintain solid traction, and be resistant to punctures. Even heavy-duty equipment operators need to be hardy to keep up with the physical and mental demands of these strenuous and demanding jobs. It’s these factors that keep heavy-duty equipment moving and worksites productive.

Mining SafetyMore than anything, though, heavy-duty equipment owners and operators must be fully committed to safety. Heavy-duty equipment and worksites have significant safety hazards. Because all machines and environments differ, worksite safety requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Heavy-duty machines have heavy-duty blind zones. Harsh work environments and the size of heavy-duty equipment make these blind zones hard to monitor. Confined or dark worksites, and environmental factors like dirt, mud, rain, snow and even sun glare, increase the risk of accidents due to not being able to see clearly into blind zones—even with a vision system.

That is why active safety solutions such as object detection systems need to be robust and provide consistent and reliable protection from blind zone hazards.

AMining Safetyctive warning systems that rely on radar based object detection technology use sensors to actively search equipment blind zones and alert the operator when both stationary and moving objects are detected.

With object detection radar, when an object is detected in the detection zone, the operator receives an in-cab alert, giving him or her the opportunity to identify the object and its zone distance from the machine.  The operator can then identify the object by using the vision system and take appropriate action.

That’s why PRECO’s PreView® Radar Object Detection Systems top the industry as unbeatable active safety solutions. Our systems can support up to four cameras and 24 sensors connected to a monitor for nearly 360-degree coverage. Part of what differentiates us is the extensive engineering and rigorous testing we put our systems through before they hit the market. That way we feel comfortable knowing our sensors work 100% of the time for our customers.

By integrating active and passive safety solutions, equipment owners and operators achieve the best of both worlds. Radar and vision fusion provides an object detection solution to actively notify an operator of potential collision danger with both audible and visual alerts. Regardless of where the operator’s attention is directed, if an object or person is in the vehicle’s blind zone, the operator will know and be able to react before a potential accident occurs.

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