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Earlier this month our PRECO team went to India to showcase at this year’s International Mining & Machinery Exhibition (IMME). The exhibition is a four-day event held at the New Town Eco Park in Kolkata, India, with over 300 exhibitors, 6,000-plus business visitors, and over 11 countries representing including Australia, China, and Italy.

IMG_2682For over a decade, India has been making pivotal strides towards growing the country’s infrastructure and economy. As one of the top five providers of Chromite, Coal, Iron ore, and Manganese, India has continued to hold an important role in natural mining materials and resources across the globe. With this growth has come an influx of technology, enabling the production and efficiency of mining operations and the transportation of goods to thrive.

Since 2008, PRECO Electronics has been working with Davesmen India to develop a close-knit dealer relationship across the country, making it possible to reach over 29 states. Like many other countries, accident rates have increased over time, and those in charge of mining operations wish to improve those rates. With Davesmen’s help, PRECO has IMG_2669become the leading provider of collision mitigation and blind spot monitoring systems in India, making mining operations and transportation of materials safer than ever.

The IMME show went from Oct. 31 – Nov. 2, exhibiting the newest and best mining equipment while bringing together companies from all across the world. The show places dozers, haulers and other heavy-duty machines outside, while telematics and technology suppliers were held inside, allowing the manufacturers and users to interact and discuss needs freely while watching demonstrations and personally testing products. 

Many at the show were ecstatic about the turn out, commenting that the exhibition improves with each passing year and emphasizes the economic growth of India that is producing millions of jobs for the country.

IMG_2675As culture and technology melded together, our PRECO team was honored to witness some of the Indian rituals performed before new haulers and heavy-duty equipment can be used. “It was an incredible sight to behold,” Max Head, PRECO’S India Sales Representative said. “They held a coronation of the hauler, in which they cracked coconuts and washed the water across the machine while spreading flower pedals and saying prayers for its safe journey during operation.” Max continued to describe the crushing of the lemons, a tradition in India in hopes of preventing accidents in the future by crushing a single lemon beneath each wheel of new car, hauler, or any other machine they wish to keep safe.

As India continues to flourish in incredible ways, these technological advances with aid them in keeping incident rates lower as this growth incurs. India wants to increase production and job growth, and not lose anyone in the process. Mining safety continues to be a huge focus for India as their regulatory body, Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS), has put in place effective requirements for safety technology. In India, the safety of operators and those in the surrounding area are of great importance as the number of worksites, employees, and heavy-duty machines continues to grow.

Overall, the four-day event was a success for PRECO’s team. We were able to witness incredible cultural demonstrations, indulge on delicious Indian food, discuss innovation and growth with manufacturers and users across the globe, and meet again with our long-time partners at Davesmen India. Our team cannot wait until the next opportunity to learn new things from our dealers across the world and to witness incredible growth.



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