Introduction of 30-day Pilot Program: Collision Mitigation Solutions

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Safety practices on work sites and on our roads do not develop overnight.  Effective safety strategies are learned and they evolve based on experience, research, case studies and industry trends. 

With that said, I think it is important to outline how and why leaders in the heavy-duty industry have migrated toward the adoption and deployment of collision mitigation solutions.

Preco Electronics Pilot ProgramUnderstanding that the adoption of safety technology is only effective when practiced, PRECO has a measured and proven 30-day pilot program that it recommends for all prospective customers.  Before the purchase of any of our products, PRECO recommends customers create in-field tests that combine worksite application and education.  The purpose of these tests are to:

  1. Validate radar detection zones to provide satisfactory blind spot coverage to improve operator reaction time to prevent incidents
  2. Verify radar system will withstand the harsh working environment of the industry
  3. Prove that PRECO’s patented radar technology used in the sensors provides a consistent level of detection for both moving and stationary objects

The specifics of the pilot program are bit more dynamic and involved.  Potential customers engage with a PRECO safety specialist to initiate the program.  This involves researching the existing safety solutions, driving patterns, applications and potential risks that the operators face in managing the equipment. PRECO demonstrates its patented technology versus the competition in a head to head battle.  It allows the safety manager and operators to understand the limitations of  the currently offered technology such as Ultrasonic, Doppler and Laser.

Once the preliminary tests and demonstrations are complete, PRECO’s customers undergo a 30-day in field pilot. PRECO recommends that the pilot takes place at two unique locations to ensure the customer is seeing results from multiple applications.  Divided into two stages, the 30-day trial provides multiple touch points for the operator to provide valuable feedback. This consists of a survey at the halfway point and interviews at the end of the trial. 

Preco Electronics Pilot ProgramTypical responses from the operators after the 30-day trial include: consistent zone detection, detection of both stationary and moving objects, and ability to withstand and operate effectively regardless of environmental factors.

Once the trial period is complete and the customer commits to enhancing their safety systems,PRECO works with the customer to develop a go-forward strategy to implement the customized solution within the equipment fleet. 

PRECO’s mission is to create safe working environments in heavy duty vehicle industries.  Understanding that every application is unique, PRECO works to customize solutions with the correct combination of technology and safety procedures. PRECO works with our customers to understand their challenges and existing safety solutions to place safety first within the minds of its customers and operators. 

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