MEKRAtronics and PRECO Electronics Partner to Deliver Safety Solutions in Europe

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PRECO Electronics is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MEKRAtronics, a business division of MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co. KG. MEKRAtronics will offer and bundle PRECO’s patented PreView® Radar object detection solution as a complement to its suite of heavy-duty indirect vision solutions. Focused specifically on Europe’s heavy-duty vehicle industries, the combination of safety offerings provide customers with proven solutions that actively mitigate accidents, improve efficiencies and create safer work environments.

Mekra Lang PreView RadarPRECO’s suite of radar-based solutions were engineered specifically for the heavy-duty market and the joint offering will be marketed and supported by MEKRAtronics. MEKRA Lang will demonstrate PRECO’s PreView Radar at the Bauma construction and mining trade show, April 11th through 17th, in Munich, Germany.

MEKRA Lang is an industry leader in heavy duty industry safety, and will introduce PRECO’s suite of solutions across a wide spectrum of Europe’s heavy-duty vehicle industries, including construction, mining, trucking, and waste & recycling. Safety has universal traits that require proven solutions dedicated to specific industry needs, with the flexibility to adapt to changing customer requirements. MEKRA Lang’s key tenets of providing their customers robust, reliable, and proven safety products mirror PRECO’s sixty-nine year history of dedication to safety technology and customer-oriented success.

PRECO’s PreView radar is a rear blind zone object detection system built specifically for heavy-duty vehicles. PRECO’s customers have reported that the use of PreView Radar systems have reduced backing accidents by upwards of 85 percent. PRECO Electronics’ CEO, Jim Bean shared that, “Over the past 16 years since PRECO has been building object detection radar systems, our customers have reported zero fatalities related to backing accidents with our systems installed. And while collisions may occur, our technology is reducing the severity of accidents, vehicle downtime, repair costs and insurance premiums. The return on investment is proven.’’

Mekra Lang Preco Zepplin “MEKRAtronics identified PRECO Electronics as the premium manufacturer of heavy duty object detection radar when researching potential radar partners to complement our existing vision systems,” said Bastian Dorsch, head of sales at MEKRAtronics. “Our brand is built on delivering the highest quality products that will stand the test of time and operate effectively, regardless of the environmental extremes and rigors of daily use; tough, rugged and reliable like all of our products. One company stood way above the rest, and it was PRECO Electronics. We pride ourselves on delivering our customers a tool that they know they can rely on, and PRECO’s dedication to quality makes them the ideal partner for radar based object detection technology.”

To learn more about heavy-equipment blind zones and how you can mitigate worksite accidents, contact a PRECO blind spot safety specialist. 

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