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In this second of three blog postings, PRECO dives into the changing role of telematics within the heavy-duty industry and the influence that it has on operator and organizational efficiency. 

For heavy-duty fleets, telematics vendors are starting to incorporate ADAS’ safe vehicle and machine operation data into their solution suite. This expansion allows safety data and analytics to be presented as a part of the overall telematics application. As previously discussed in last week’s blog, The Boston Consulting Group pointed out that “commercial vehicles are ahead of the curve” in terms of adopting advanced driver assistance solutions (ADAS) as an innovative solution to improve safety. Operator efficiency and safety within the heavy-duty industry directly influences the productivity and profitability of the operator – in all markets including on-road transportation, utilities, waste, construction and mining. 

Heavy Equipment Telematics StandardsAs a result, a number of large manufactures, including Caterpillar, Volvo CE, Komatsu, and John Deere Construction & Forestry collaborated to create the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP). Because of this group’s efforts, the AEM/AEMP Draft Telematics API Standard has evolved into the industry’s first telematics standard. This effort is to be applauded, since each of these companies have offered their own proprietary telematics applications for use in the development of the standard.

This type of forward thinking has allowed organizations to collect a host of information that improves productivity, efficiency and safety.The AEM/AEMP standard provides a standard API for a variety of analytics, including vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management, health & safety management and dynamic vehicle scheduling.

So how does the heavy-duty vehicle industry build upon this standard and support the data hungry audience with rich data that can improve performance and safety of its operators and worksite? It starts with three things:

  1. Open Technology

Preco Electronics Open Technology SolutionsTechnology continues to evolve.  The introduction of high-speed wireless has changed the scope of data that can be collected and shared.  Open data API’s supported across industry will accelerate solution delivery.  A key to this evolution is the delivery of open-based technology that can integrate and collaborate with other technologies.

  1. Customer Demands

The key to any successful application deployment is a strong understanding of the individual customer.  For telematics to be successful, the upfitter, OEM, or third party supplier must adapt its systems so that meaningful data is collected.

  1. Flexibility

There is not one solution for all applications.  For instance, there are different requirements for a delivery fleet versus a mining fleet.  The demands are different in terms of the data that is collected and used and therefore the telematics’ solutions needed.   

Open technology is the lynch pin to allowing customers to create true telematics solutions. As customers purchase new technology and equipment, one of the first questions asked should be – “Is the solution open and does it work with other technologies?” For example, PRECO provides open, standards-based communication to its patented radar technology that can be adapted for the individual customer application.

Preco CAN BUSAs an open solution, PRECO clearly understands their customer’s needs. PRECO's technology is flexible in terms of connecting with other Telematics solutions and its safety and ADAS data can seamlessly integrate into the overall dashboard of data that incorporates safety alerts, driver scorecard, etc. This comprehensive view provides for real time changes and a safe and efficient work environment.

PRECO is excited to announce its involvement in and sponsorship of the upcoming Telogis Latitude 2015 show in Dana Point, California, October 27-October 29.  At the show, PRECO will be discussing how safety data can be integrated with many of the leading fleet management solutions including Telogis Fleet.

Check back next week when we discuss how autonomy within the heavy-duty market is going to change the role the operator plays in safety.

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