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Safety technology education at the operator level is paramount to the success of any organization’s use of heavy-duty equipment. 

A recent article profiled “,” a new website aimed at educating the average consumer in terms of the safety technology that is a part of new cars.  The technology ranges from backup cameras, blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning systems, anti-locking braking systems, as well as a host of other technology that is focused on making driving safer.  The introduction of is a part of larger national education campaign that is being launched later this year as a collaborative effort with the University of Iowa and the National Safety Council.

PreView Radar Construction SafetyDrivers of consumer vehicles are not the only ones who are unaware of how to best utilize the safety technology equipped on their vehicles—this is also a common issue with the operators of commercial vehicles. Education should be the focal point from the very beginning of implementing safety technology in heavy duty equipment.  “We typically recommend a 30-day pilot program [this topic was written about in a recent blog post] that is specifically focused on engaging the operators and educating them with real world experiences,” says Peter Evans VP of Sales and Marketing at PRECO Electronics. “This includes training the individual operators and allowing education to occur from the very start.” 

The three takeaways of this pilot program, include:

  1. Validate that the technology provides satisfactory safety coverage to improve operator reaction time to prevent incidents.
  2. Verify the technology will withstand the harsh working environment of the industry.
  3. Prove that the technology provides a consistent level safety protection.

A fleet’s safety technology success is based on the operators’ understanding of the combination of technologies utilizes throughout their equipment.  It is through education that the operators learn to trust and become comfortable with the technology. Education is just as much about trust as it is about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s when selecting a technology solution.

PreView Radar Waste SafetyPRECO believes that the introduction of, and the fact they are putting emphasis on safety is a valuable initiative.  Operating within the heavy-duty industry, PRECO’s customers are tasked with empowering their operators with the ability to efficiently and safely guide their equipment and we feel that the more awareness there is about safety technologies by the general public, the more the need for these technologies within the heavy-duty industries will be recognized. With these tools, the industry is able to understand, adopt, and deploy best practices to ensure that the worksite is safe.

For PRECO, education is the foundation for our clients’ success.  Education begins with the first interaction with the prospective client.  Building upon our more than 75 years of experience in the heavy duty market, PRECO is able to determine a client’s needs based on the challenges of the worksite, vehicle use, and the type of equipment within the fleet.  With a suite of solutions that connect with one another, PRECO is able to make strong recommendations with regards to the right combination of active technology to ensure that the driver and the worksite are safe. 

How safe?  PRECO’s customers on average realize more than 75% reduction of collisions.

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