PRECO Electronics Wins 2017 Commercialized Innovation of the Year Award

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PRECO’s PreView Sentry™ Plus received the 2017 Commercialized Innovation of the Year Award, a category of the Idaho Innovation Awards. These awards recognize innovations, innovative professionals and companies for their groundbreaking accomplishments.  As this year’s award recipient, PRECO’s PreView Sentry Plus was selected for the intelligent technology that combines heavy-duty collision avoidance technology with an integrated radar and camera monitor system.

Commercialized Innovation Award 2017PRECO’s team is committed to making worksites and roadways safer for operators of heavy-duty equipment and those around them. This award recognizes that unwavering commitment. We are seeing unprecedented growth around the globe. The adoption of PRECO’s intelligent safety solutions saves lives, allows operators to become more efficient, and saves money for our customers and partners.

Quick History Overview

A long-standing innovator, PRECO has delivered proven safety solutions to the heavy-duty market for 70 years. PRECO’s founder patented the first electronic backup alarm in 1962, realizing that lives could be saved if there was a more effective way to warn workers of a reversing vehicle. In 2000, PRECO patented the pulsed radar technology found in their first radar sensor offerings. Today, PRECO is an industry leader in heavy-duty collision avoidance solutions.

PreView Sentry Plus

PreView Sentry Plus is a flexible collision avoidance solution that can be customized to match the inherent blind zones that come with heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. Complimented with real-time video, PreView Sentry Plus proactively alerts the operator of relevant objects in order to avoid and mitigate collisions.


The Need for Continued Safety Innovation

The evolution of radar technology within the safety industry is expanding at a rapid pace. In 2016 the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) published its annual Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements.  Specifically related to safety, NTSB identified the industry’s need to “promote availability of collision avoidance technologies in highway vehicles” as third on its list. Their 2017-2018 list includes “increase implementation of collision avoidance technologies” in highway vehicles and trains in the first position. 

While many factors contribute to this increasing demand, the latest data from the U.S. Department of Transportation is the most poignant: The number of accidents is rising, in 2015, large trucks and buses were involved in more than 4,300 fatal accidents (up 26% from 2009); more than 100,000 injury accidents (up from 63,000 in 2009); and 379,000 property-related accidents.

A selection committee comprised of more than 30 leaders from Idaho's technology, business and academic communities evaluated the nominations. In choosing PRECO Electronics as the Commercialized Innovation of the Year Award recipient for 2017, committee member Mark Stinson, Founder of Bioscience Bridge, said, “PRECO deserved the recognition not only for its innovation, but also for the impact it has by saving lives and making our roads and construction sites safer. We are proud to recognize PRECO’s unique use of radar and vision systems.”

 PRECO's entire team looks forward to continuing our innovation to help ensure operators, workers, and the public make it home safely.

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Who We Are

PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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