PRECO Recognizes Two Recipients of 2016 Excellence in Safety Award

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PRECO Electronics proudly announces the 2016 Excellence in Safety Award recipients as Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) David Biderman and City of Oxnard Environmental Resources Division’s George Van Hemert.  Both recipients have continually demonstrated their unparalleled commitment to safety to distinguish themselves as leaders in safety.

The 2016 Excellence in Safety Award also recognized Clint McGinty of Phoenix Services and James Zertuche of NAPCO Precast as finalists for this year’s award. Both runners-up continue to drive safety within their companies and industries. PRECO congratulates them on their nominations and recognition for being finalists for the 2016 Excellence in Safety Award.

David Biderman Safety in Motion“We have made safety a core value at SWANA over the past year, and I am pleased to accept this award.  Nothing we do at SWANA is more important than making sure the hard-working men and women in the waste industry, in both the United States and Canada, go home to their families safely at the end of each day.” said Biderman, Executive Director and CEO.  “We have had great success at the local level through our new Safety Ambassador program in our chapters, and other SWANA safety initiatives.  This heightened level of awareness is encouraging new technology and best practices that positively impact safety performance in the waste and recycling industry.”

“The waste and recycling industry is one of the most dangerous industries because of its close interactions between heavy-duty machinery and individuals,” said Van Hemert, Health & Safety Supervisor.  “I am proud to receive the 2016 Safety in Motion Award and to be recognized as a safety leader in the City of Oxnard and the waste and recycling industry.”

Biderman’s continual promotion of safety has allowed him to be recognized as an industry safety thought leader. His actions have led to companies and local governments adopting the most effective safety practices in order to reduce the incidences and severity of heavy-duty vehicle accidents.

George Van Hemert Safety in MotionVan Hemert’s proactive safety measures are reflected by the reduction of Workers' Comp injuries to the lowest level on record for his division as recorded by AIMS Insurance.  City of Oxnard Environmental Resources Division’s Indemnity costs were lower than any other company of similar size and industry in Southern California. Van Hemert attributes this to identifying and deploying best in class safety technology and practices.

The record number of applicants for this year’s award illustrates the importance that today’s fleets and heavy-duty leaders are placing on deploying safety in everyday practices. As a leader within our market, PRECO has the opportunity to recognize organizations and individuals that are taking the initiative to enhance safety awareness within their industries. This year’s awardees understand the benefits of being proactive in their adoption of safety practices, with the ultimate goal of reducing avoidable accidents and saving lives.

PRECO would like to congratulate all who were nominated and thank everyone who submitted a nomination.

Honorable Mentions Nominees

Steve Bailey, City of Hamiliton

Bob Berry, Sims Crane & Equipment

Colin Bonner, International Hydraulic Safety Authority

Mike Irwin, Hub Group Trucking

Lucas Kwan, Quinn Group, Inc

Rexie LeStrange, City of Manteca Solid Waste Division

Scott McLaughlin, Stagecoach Cartage & Distribution

John McPherson, Roy Jorgensen

Johan Momberg, Trysome Auto Electrical and Plan Hire, Ltd

Jonathan Moore, Autonomous Solutions, Inc

Monica Pampell, PentaFit LLC

Dallas Ross, Nee Core Inc.

Alpha Sekou Bangoura, AES Group

Gurvinder Singh, Swati Safesecure Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Dennis Steele, Coldwater Board of Public Utilities

Laina VanBuskirk, Gold Hawk Transportation

Milton Vanhorn, Falcon Transport Company

Past recipients include representatives from Rumpke Waste & Recycling, Honolulu Disposal, Unimin, and Montana-Dakota Utilities.

About the Excellence in Safety Award

PRECO Safety in MotionPRECO’s commitment to heavy-duty vehicle safety has continued to move safety forward. As a safety leader, PRECO identifies and honors other professionals who also keep safety moving forward in their companies, communities, and industries. PRECO Electronics established the Excellence in Safety Award to honor one person each year who is the voice of safety in their industry.

The award criteria includes:

Initiative: The ideal candidate will initiate candid discussions, programs (corporate, community, or industry), and/or give voice to safety issues in the industry or community.

Imagination:  The ideal candidate will demonstrate creative and original suggestions to move safety into the forefront of the community, legislature, company or industry they serve.

Involvement:  The ideal candidate will take an active role in industry associations, community safety programs, and/or corporate/legislative policy changes to advance safety.

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PRECO Electronics is a global technology provider that improves safety for operators, worksites, and the public. The effectiveness of our object detection radar systems is unmatched in heavy duty vehicle industries.

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