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Preco’s PreView Radar is the most rugged collision mitigation solution on the market. This is a bold statement from Preco Electronics-- one that has been earned through more than 75 years of servicing the heavy-duty equipment market. 

Preco's suite of object detection solutions, manufactured and tested in house, are developed to operate in the toughest conditions, including mud, rain, fog and sludge. Because Preco identifies both stationary and moving objects in a radius between10-32 feet, Preco has become the go-to choice for the mining, waste, over the road, fleet, and construction markets.

PreView Radar works in your harshest environmentsPreco strives to provide the best tech support in industry. Our technicians know our products inside and out and are here to help your safety program succeed. Outlined below are the top five questions and answers that are posed to Preco's technical staff:

1. Will PreView Radar work on 12 or 24 volt system?

Yes, PreView Radar will work on both with no adjustments. Our blind spot detection systems can be found on everything from waste trucks, tractor trailers wheel loaders, and mining haul trucks

2. How often do I need to clean the PreView Radar sensor?

Unless the sensor has a thick layer caked on mud on it, there is no need to worry about cleaning your sensor. If there is mud on it, simply brush or kick it off the dirt and you’re ready to go.

3. Is periodic maintenance or calibration required for the sensor?

No maintenance or calibration is necessary. Preco does recommend a daily function check as part of your safety program.

4. Our vehicles operate in a very rugged environment. Will PreView Radar sensors be able to handle this? 

Our sensors are completely sealed and encapsulated to withstand any environment. Our systems include robust cabling and are immune to inclement weather and heavy vibrations.

5. How far out will a sensor detect an object? 

Our sensors are engineered to meet your worksite needs with factory settings available in 10’, 15’, 20’, and 32’ ranges, depending on the sensor solution that applies to your needs.

PreView WorkSightPreco’s PreView Radar suite of collision mitigation solutions has the industry's most robust warranty.  Because there is not a single universal safety solution that works across all forms of heavy duty equipment and vehicles, Preco has a track record of customizing the application and standing behind the solution.  This is the benefit of working directly with the company who is engineers and manufactures the technology versus just being a reseller.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Preco’s safety technology and how we can help mitigate your fleet risk.

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