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Safety technology is a heavy hitter in the heavy equipment industry today. The ability to see into blind spots using radar technology—regardless of environmental conditions including dirt, mud, rain, snow or ice—is a tried and true industry breakthrough. PRECO Electronics takes safety one step further by combining our monitor systems with radar sensor alarm warnings. These beep-beep-beeps have helped save countless lives in the occupations and work zones serviced by heavy-duty fleets.

These heavy vehicles often contain large blind zones that present immense safety concerns. Integrating PRECO’s collision mitigation technology allows operators to do their job with greater confidence and peace of mind by providing active alerts, detecting what the operators cannot see. Safety truly takes a front seat next to trained operators to avoid preventable collisions, mitigate risk and save money.

Vactor Safety Technology PreView RadarFinding the best active solutions for your specific needs can be challenging. Working with a PRECO safety specialist who listens to your unique challenges is key—someone you trust as much as the company they represent. That way, you gain a complete system tailored to your unique safety concerns.

PRECO strives to provide the best tech support in our industry. Our customer service knows our products inside and out, and are here to help your safety program succeed. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers that we receive.

1. How do I know which system I need?

We’ll help you find out. PRECO systems are designed and engineered to service specific safety needs, equipment and job sites. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, PRECO works one-on-one with you to provide a customized safety system that targets and serves your specific set of needs. Talk to a PRECO safety specialist today to find out how we can help make your workplace and workforce safer.

2. Do you sell back-up alarms?

We do. In 1962, PRECO founder Edwin Peterson developed and installed the first electronic back-up alarm on a Morrison Knudson truck. In 1967, he patented the design, and the electronic reverse alarm was born. These alarms have since become one of the most common sounds on a construction site—and for very good reason: Safety. Through the evolution of PRECO, we have honed our focus on complete, active solutions to better protect fleets and team members. We now offer an integrated heavy-duty reverse alarm with our patented radar sensor. The PRECO PreView® Safety Alert System takes safety to the next level. You can learn more here.

Mining Object Detection PreView Radar3. How much does a PreView® Radar Object Detection System cost?

It depends. We make a variety of complete safety solutions, customized to service your specific equipment and the different environments in which you work. Our PRECO safety specialists are here to learn about the details of your worksites, fleets and force, and provide you with the complete solution for your particular safety needs. The more information you can provide us, the better so we can estimate a custom solution for your organization.

4. Does your collision mitigation system apply the brakes if it detects something close to the vehicle?

It can. Automatic braking is an active control feature that is very big in the automotive industry right now. More and more heavy-duty equipment manufacturers are implementing auto-braking in their original machines, making this a highly popular question. PRECO systems are designed to provide active assistance to alert drivers when something is in their blind zone. Today, our radar sensor systems must be installed at the OE level for active automatic braking. We currently do not provide a retrofit option.

5. Can I just purchase a camera/monitor system from PRECO?

Construction Object Detection PreView RadarYou can. However, we prefer to combine our camera/monitor systems with a radar sensor to provide a complete and active safety solution for our customers. “Seeing is believing” doesn’t always save lives. A waste-collection driver for the city of Bunnell, Florida had a near-miss that could have ended in a pedestrian’s death if he hadn’t trusted his PreView® Radar sensor’s warning even when he saw no reason for the alert in his mirrors or camera monitor. Turns out, the pedestrian assumed the driver could see him as he bent under the truck to retrieve his dropped car keys. Without the sensor alert, the driver simply would have trusted what he saw—or didn’t see—and the outcome would have been less than desired. While we understand and appreciate the value a camera/monitor system provides, we are committed to providing active safety systems that include a radar sensor to mitigate accidents.

The old adage 'accidents happen' should not be acceptable on your worksites. With the right team working to provide the right active radar system for your needs, safety really can take a front seat to outdated standards. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about PRECO’s safety technology, and how we can help mitigate the risk of preventable collisions.

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