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At PRECO Electronics, we stand behind our promise, “When safety matters, count on us.” That’s because PRECO’s safety products lead the industry in performance, durability and reliability.

PRECO’s PreView Radar is the most rugged collision mitigation solution on the market—designed to work 100% of the time in the harshest conditions. That promise goes a long way in the heavy-duty industry, where tough work environments and mud, dirt, fog, rain, sludge, and even sun glare are constant challenges.

SkyJack PreView SentryWe’ve devoted more than 75 years designing, engineering and manufacturing products that save lives. Our object detection systems also save you money because they mitigate costly, preventable accidents on the job. By keeping your workforce safe, productivity and morale booms, and so does your bottom line.  

PRECO's suite of object detection solutions are manufactured and tested in-house, and meet the highest standards. Every PreView Radar we build is guaranteed to perform flawlessly, so you can count on us to keep you safe, every single time. We back up that claim with fail-safe technology that lets you know ahead of time if your safety system is compromised.

PRECO strives to provide the best customer service and technical support in the industry. We can also say that about our manufacturing department. Our manufacturing team knows every specification of our products inside and out, and know exactly how each product is supposed to perform. They test, test and test some more to make sure that your safety is guaranteed. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about our manufacturing process: 

1. PRECO makes all its products in-house. What goes into manufacturing a PreView Radar Object Detection System?

Irving Equipment Sdie DefenderPreView Radar systems really are the most durable products available today. That’s because of our build-and-test process. We start with assembled printed circuit boards and install them into a housing unit called a radome—which is essentially a dome that we place the radar in that is made of material that radio waves can penetrate. We then test the assembly, fill it with urethane potting material, and then calibrate it on our special "Radar Range." Our range has targets that pop up at variable points so that we can set the sensor for different distances of detection. 

2. Approximately how many radars does PRECO manufacture each year, and how long does each one take?

While the exact number of products PRECO manufactures is proprietary, we can safely say that we manufacture tens of thousands of radar sensors each year. Our design and engineering processes take several years. That’s because we won’t begin to build anything until we know—through stringent testing and refinement—that our products, without a doubt, will deliver safety to our customers 100% of the time.

3. What is the greatest challenge in manufacturing industry-leading solutions that people rely on to save lives?

JLG Telehandler PreViewThe greatest challenge we face in manufacturing at PRECO is making sure that each radar we build is built to exact specifications, and that every unit performs flawlessly. We make obliterating blind spots our business. To do that, we have to know that every spec is met exactly as designed, and that each sensor performs exactly as intended. There really is no room for error at PRECO, because we mean it when we say, “When it comes to safety, you can count on us.” Our manufacturing team is excellent, and most definitely up to the challenge.


4. What is the most important factor in manufacturing, overall, and specifically for PRECO products?

Since we are in the business of safety, customer satisfaction is the most important thing in the world to us. We build our products on time and with the highest quality standards. Manufacturing the most reliable products on the market and backing them with phenomenal customer support and unbeatable guarantees ensures that we continue to have highly satisfied customers. And that matters to us. Knowing that our products help families return home to one another each night surpasses all other goals. We can’t speak for other manufacturers, but putting safety, accountability and reliability above all else has delivered the best possible results—for PRECO and our customers.

5. Where do you see radar-based object detection manufacturing headed in the next five years?

Cat TelehandlerThe market for safety systems in both the heavy-duty and automotive industries is booming. All new cars on the market now come with certain safety features like back-up cameras to help ensure that basic preventable accidents are a thing of the past. Object detection is the first step in any collision mitigation system, and in the heavy-duty industry, active systems that use intelligent radars are providing the best safety results. PRECO leads this charge because we design, engineer and manufacture radars that seamlessly integrate with the most advanced solutions today, including sensor fusion, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Our latest products, the PreView Side Defender™ and PreView Sentry™, have customizable fields of vision and can detect and report up to 16 targets simultaneously, significantly reducing blind-spot issues. PRECO will continue to lead innovations in the safety market into the next decade.

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