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Every operator is responsible for their vehicle and the surrounding environment.  Simply going through the motions, regardless of the industry, is no longer an option.  The ramifications are significant and can result in loss of life, financial loss, and/or shutting down of the workplace.

These are the pressures of the job that an operator faces on a daily basis!

Important of training and safety technologyUnderstanding these pressures, organizations are looking to support their operators with increased training and new technology. 

A recent article within Waste Advantage Magazine focused on the importance of operator training and attention to detail.  The article shared a story of a veteran operator who had become complacent in the everyday operation of his garbage truck.  His supervisor saw this as an opportunity to complete a surprise ride along and monitor the driver’s ability to complete his daily routine with focus -- deploying the training that he had acquired over the years.  The ride proved successful as the operator was focused and avoided what could have been a tragic accident had he not been on top of his game that day.  The manager and the driver understood the magnitude of the moment and the importance of executing their jobs with focus every time.

Telematics in the traditional sense capture analytics and provide valuable information to both the operator and organization.  In the past this information regarded metrics around the driver efficiency, tire wear, idle time, etc.  As companies begin to capture and utilize safety information as a part of their collected information, they are in a better position to conduct regular audits of their operators, reward safety and apply best practices to other operators. 

At PRECO, we believe that it is up to the organization and the operators to rise above the noise.  While safety technology actively engages operators to create a safer experience, it is the training and the commitment to doing one’s job in a consistent manner that is critical to ensuring that the job is done efficiently and safely.

PRECO looks forward to working with its customers and partners to improve the operation of vehicles and create safe and efficient work environments.

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