Safety Innovation in the Waste Industry

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Waste continues to be an undervalued and misunderstood industry. What the public neglects to realize is that it keeps society as we know it moving. They also don’t realize the efforts that go on behind the scenes to comply with a vast number of regulations and initiatives to keep people safe.

A growing economy means better jobs, higher wages, lower gas prices, and more vehicles on the road.

This has led to a 14% increase of roadway fatalities, the biggest two-year jump in more than five decades and the National Safety Council has indicated that the costs associated with these accidents have reached $242 billion economically and $871 billion societally.

These factors have a significant impact on heavy-duty industries, including waste.

Waste fleets have to focus heavily on safety on the roadways and how to protect their fleets, drivers, and the public. In-cab recorders are a helpful tool to help fleet managers and drivers view what actually happened at the time of an accident. This not only helps to train drivers and further ensure their safety, it also helps to show who truly was responsible. More often than not, footage shows the waste truck driver was not at fault.

One of the largest problems fleets have is striking people on the ground. Pedestrians and bicyclist are especially susceptible. It will continue to be an ongoing issue until the public fully realizes that large equipment and vehicles comes with large blind zones and that awareness is a matter of life and death.

To help combat the issues associated with blind zones, waste fleets are installing technologies to help the drivers with their situational awareness.

These technologies include:

Each of these systems arm fleets drivers with improved safety and situational awareness. When they are integrated together, a truck can potentially have near 360 degree coverage.

PRECO CAN bus Integration-GEOTAB.jpg

The waste industry has long embraced safety technology and continues to focus on ways to make it safer. As part of our discussions at the recent Waste Haulers Summit, we were excited to hear that many of the attendees are ready to expand to more innovative technologies.

Some of these innovations include:

  • Satellite & LTE Data
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing & Telemetry Data
  • Intelligent In-Vehicle Compute power
  • Haptic Communication

The time will come when fleets are able to integrate these innovations with existing technologies, such as radar sensors, arming drivers and operators with highly sophisticated safety solutions.

What are your thoughts on the waste industry and how safety technology can help?                      

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