Sensor Fusion: Mitigating Risk At the Operator Level

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Risk is inherent to any business. In the heavy-duty industry, risk is associated with loss of life and accidents. As safety technologies continue to evolve, we are seeing exciting new innovations that enhance the ability to mitigate risk at the operator level and at the worksite.

In a larger editorial piece published September 1st on the Aggregates and Mining Today news site, Preco’s President and CEO Jim Bean outlines the value of adopting strong safety practices and the latest technologies developed to mitigate risk.

sensor fusion miningAt the heart of the article, Jim speaks to the value and the role that sensor fusion plays within active safety technology. When applied to safety, the applications of sensor fusion become limitless. For instance, sensor fusion allows you to link your disparate systems, including collision mitigation technology (cameras, radar, alerts) with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Based on the desires of the organization, the combination of the systems can actively alert the operator or directly engage the vehicle’s braking, suspension and steering controls to allow the operator more control and avoid collisions.

Additionally, telematics systems rely on sensor fusion for operator monitoring, particularly for near-miss reporting and accident reporting. These type of advanced systems are changing the way that organizations look to equip their operators and mitigate risk.

sensor fusion truckingThe concept of sensor fusion is highlighted in various applications, including the introduction and deployment of Bendix’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Saia, a less-than-truckload carrier. Saia began to take delivery of more than 331 new Volvo tractors equipped with Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems in 2013. A combination of technologies and sensors, Bendix ESP delivers active cruise control with braking features, along with collision mitigation technology. Saia is well known for its safety record and its adoption of technology.

The rapid adoption and deployment of sensor fusion requires manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and independent suppliers to create open solutions that can interact with other systems. As a provider of radar-based safety technology, Preco is at the heart of many of these open and integrated solutions. Mounted on today’s leading vehicles and heavy-duty equipment, Preco’s solutions are able to interact and exchange data that can be linked into other systems and turned into action.

Preco Electronics engineeringMoving forward, engineers, manufactures and suppliers need to work together to ensure they are allowing for continual growth and innovation. We believe that collision mitigation solutions are going to see great growth and widespread adoption across the heavy-duty industry. Collision mitigation saves lives, reduces the severity of potential accidents, protects property and minimizes risk.

If your organization utilizes heavy-duty equipment, it is not a matter of if, but rather when, an accident will occur. An organization’s adoption of sound safety strategies and collision management technology combined with education at the operator level is absolutely essential to reducing risk and creating a strong corporate safety culture.

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