Skid-Steer Loader Collision Avoidance

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By design, skid-steer loaders make quick movements in all directions, turning every few seconds. Skilled operators become very efficient, making for quick work. The compactness and versatility has helped make the skid-steer loader a popular piece of equipment across numerous industries.

Due to their design, all skid-steer loaders (SSL) have large blind spots at rear corners created by lift arms and hydraulics. All of this makes the area behind these machines extremely hazardous on the worksite.

When was the last time you checked out the rear of your skid-steer loaders? Is there paint missing from the back? Have you ever thought about what that paint was left on?

Even with the use of mirrors, the blind spots behind an SSL are extensive and operators face the challenges of operating these machines on a daily basis. The missing paint is a tell-tale sign that operators are making contact with hazards while maneuvering the machine.

 Skid Steer Loader Blind Spot Graph
Blind spot graph courtesy of International Union of Operating Engineers

It is recommended that bystanders always maintain a safe distance from an SSL work area but we all know that isn’t always possible. With this in mind, an active proximity detection radar system will help your operators work even more efficiently by alerting them when something enters the detection zone.

Skid steer loader collision avoidanceWith its compact size, ease of installation and durability, PreView Sentry compliments the effectiveness of a skid-steer loader. The Sentry active radar system provides flexibility to adjust both the width and range of the detection zone to help provide rear blind spot coverage and works accurately in all weather conditions. This maintains the detection integrity when mud, ice or dust are plastered on the sensor face.

Let’s go back to the missing paint one more time. Not only is the machine being damaged when it hits something but other objects are being damaged as well. This all adds up, quickly. We all know that investing in safety technology will generate a positive return on investment (ROI) but few realize how quickly that ROI can take effect when you’re experiencing backing accidents.

I’m more than happy to provide you with tips to breakdown the ROI.

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