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Following a recent tradeshow, conversations revolved around street sweepers and the hazards that come with them. In an effort to highlight the safety issues that are associated with this common piece of equipment, we wanted to take a moment to draw attention to the safety solutions that are available.

Street SweeperWith varying configurations, dependent upon the OEM and design, street sweepers tend to have inconsistent blind spots and safety issues. Throw in the fact that the operator is generally seated on the curb-side of the vehicle, must often pull out into traffic, operation tends to take place closely to vehicles and pedestrians, and that backing is often required, street sweeper operators have a tough job of keeping themselves and others safe.

Each year, hundreds of accidents take place between motor vehicles and street sweepers. Causes of the incidents include hit and runs, rear-end collisions, and sideswipes. These don’t even touch on the reversing incidents that take place in the yard and public settings.

While OEMs are installing better developed rear and side view mirrors and cameras are becoming standard on sweeping equipment, it’s still not enough to help the operator properly tend to the operation of the vehicle and avoid something or someone.

Active warning systems, such as blind spot monitoring radar provide an active safety solution that compliments Sweeper-blindspot.pngpassive solutions, such as vision systems. As soon as an object is detected, the operator receives an alert to give them time to identify the potential threat using the vision systems and take appropriate action. Blind spot monitoring sensors can be installed on the rear of the sweeper for a more complete safety solution.

With the ultimate goal of eliminating rear blind spots and providing greater visibility of the rear of the sweeper, blind spot monitoring systems help to reduce the risk of injury and equipment or property damage. Here’s a quick look at where a blind spot monitoring sensor can be installed on a street sweeper. Please note, there are other options at it applies to the work environment and needs.


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