Transforming Passive Technologies into Active Safety Solutions

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Working closely with OEMs and customers across numerous heavy duty industries, PRECO has developed PreView VideoLink II as a flexible solution that supports all popular camera and monitor systems. Our support of industry standards allows us to engage with manufactures and after-market installers to provide operators with a single point of focus for their blind spot needs. VideoLink superimposes the in-cab monitor with visual alerts that show the proximity of the object to the vehicle

PreView VIdeoLinkPreView VideoLink II provides a new colorful overlay to any existing in-cab camera and monitor system. VideoLink can be installed at the OE level or as an aftermarket safety solution. This tool converts an existing camera/monitor system into an active-safety solution that provides both audible and colorful visual alerts.  The result is active driver assistance to mitigate or avoid collisions.

In-cab cameras and monitors are becoming standard, however they are still a passive solution that requires the operator be viewing the monitor to be effective. PreView VideoLink II turns the solution from passive to active and allows an organization to extend the life of that camera/monitor system.

Blind Zone ProtectionKCMA (now Hitachi) offers PreView Radar as an option on their Wheel Loaders. Through VideoLink, they are able to provide their customers with an proactive collision mitigation safety offering.

“PRECO's radar technology has vastly improved the effectiveness of our previous camera-only offerings. And their VideoLink products offer flexible integration that provides the OEM fit and function we strive toward,” said Brian Pleinis, Manager Engineering Section at KCMA Corporation.  “KCMA recently launched a radar + vision option for its line of Kawasaki Wheel Loaders, using VideoLink II to integrate with the machines’ monitors. PRECO's PreView VideoLink II and PreView Radar allow our customers to benefit from active driver assistance that improves situational awareness to operate safely and efficiently.  PRECO continues to push the boundaries of its safety solutions and as a result is changing the industry.”

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